NASA Now has a Giphy and Pinterest Pages and they are out of this world

spaceship nasa

During the Apollo 11 mission, who would have thought that after a few decades, they will become part of Internet Dank Memes.

America’s The National Aeronautics and Space Administration aka NASA has already had his official accounts on more than ten social platforms. Well, NASA has added two more today: Giphy and Pinterest.


Let’s talk about Pinterest first; NASA says that Pinterest will be used to post “new and historic images and videos, known as pins, to collections called pinboards.” NASA already has a lot of visual content and the ability to pin them on a virtual board and categorize them appropriately makes a lot of sense.


But I am more interested in the latter one: Giphy. The Internet has been seeing a rise of Giphy since last few years, and what can be a better thing to share on Twitter and Reddit than astronauts eating tacos in space. Head over to NASA’s Giphy and you will see that there are both kind of Gif’s Serious and not.

Thank you internet, Thank you NASA for making my twitter profile look a bit more scientific.

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