Here is the Angry Birds Movie Trailer with stinking Pigs

angry birds movie trailer

Love it, hate it or ignore it, Angry Birds is one of the games that set android gaming on track and now it has a movie too. The movie cost Rovio a big $160 Million to produce and now the trailer of movie is released for everyone.


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Rovio is having a hard time these days, just before the trailer release, the company is letting 130 employees go. It was about 16% of all the manpower in the company. Seeing these things it is really important for Rovio that the movie performs well. Success will definitely increase the game demand of the franchise.

Talking about the trailer, It looks fine as far as we compare to animated comedy movies. Jason Sudekis, Peter Dinklage and Bill Hader are the voice talents behind the Angry Birds Movie.

History has shown that many times Movies based on Video Games have sucked, It will be interesting to see how the Rovio’s Angry Birds movie performs on the Box Office.