Here is Why Google is Asking Users to Identify Themselves On Photos

2017 05 28 09h30 26

Google photos is among the most popular apps in Goggle’s ecosystem. The app has crossed 1 billion users recently, quite a huge number of fan following. So now Google’s continuous innovation instinct has brought a new facet to the diversity of tasks that Goggle photos can perform, though you are already accustomed to it in a limited sense while you use tagging feature on Facebook and other social networking sites.

2017 05 28 09h30 26

This is called suggesting sharing. As Goggle continuously use machine learning to identify you and your mates in the pictures you upload, now you will find a pop-up when visiting at This pop-up leads you to identify yourself in photos, and as your mates will do the same in their photos, a suggestion for sharing the photos with people in the picture will make it a one-click task to get photos available to all of them.

In other words, now whenever you take a group picture in your college fest or office lobby you do not need to do the hectic task of sending photos to everyone via WhatsApp or mail, instead Google will itself identify everyone in the picture and offer you to share the picture, so you are done within seconds. After recently adding the archive feature that helps you keep your pictures archived for later use, suggested sharing is the new big improvement in Goggle photos that is about to be available across the devices anytime soon.

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