Windows Phone is Best If You Are Concerned About Security and Hate iPhone

windows phone is more secure

Microsoft has been trying to make its mark on smartphone industry for long. For recent years, it doesn’t seem to be working. I have already  written about some of the biggest problems with Windows Phone.

Consumer technology is rapidly changing, we are now seeing a time period where users are getting more concerned about privacy than the initial feature set of a software or hardware product. Smartphones are one of the most used personal devices. We take care of them just like we do with our babies and smartphones know a lot about us: Where we go, what we search, what we do and the list goes on and on.

Current OS leader in mobile devices is Google’s Android. No doubt it has a nice feature set, zillions of apps (OK, Not really, but there are lots of apps) and it is open source, which gives anyone the ability to tweak the OS in is the desired way.

Privacy matters

It is hard to see a single week without a major security breach. It feels like everyone is waiting to get our credit card information and to steal our identity.

Some of these can’t be fixed by end users, some of them can. As consumers, we should pick the most secure software solution for daily use. Nobody wants to see his/her private photos found on corners of the internet and this is why the privacy matters.

On the smartphone world, this is the point where Android fails. It falls off a cliff.

Let’s Face It: Android Sucks on Security

Fanboys can say whatever they want to say, but this is a fact. Sadly, it is not possible to blame just one person. As the main developer, Google tries to make it as secure as possible. Phone OEMs also try to do the same, but with this hell like fragmentation, it just doesn’t work.

In past years, we have seen some serious Android vulnerabilities.  As an example,  a hacker can hack your Android smartphone with just a text message. Google wants to fix all of this, but it is not possible. Google creates updates and makes sure that they are delivered to all supported nexus devices, but this doesn’t cover millions of other Android handsets.

Even after google releases a security update, OEMs and Network providers don’t deliver them on time. (Mostly, they don’t even bother) Big brands such as Samsung, HTC and others may even release a security update, but smaller brands  (I am Looking at you, Micromax and Spice) just ignore them.

iOS is good at Android’s Weak point

iphone 6 and 6s Plus sales

Apple iPhones are shipped with its propriety iOS and it is good at security.

That is not because they are coded better.

Google knows how to code software too, Google just can’t release update for every device.

Apple controls all the iPhone software. Because of this, whenever Apple finds a vulnerability, it can patch them over the air. There is not need to wait for network carriers and OEMs to take action. It is similar to Microsoft’s process of updating Windows for desktops.

This also makes sure that whenever an update is available of iPhone, all iPhones who match the system requirements will be updated.


Windows Phone is good middle ground

Despite being good at security, many users don’t like iPhones. I do not want to get into a debate on Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone.

Getting to the fact that iOS devices are expensive than Android and Windows Phone devices, it makes sense too. Android has diversity majour plus point and availability of Low-cost phones is one good point too.

Windows phone is a good (if not perfect) middle ground.

All Lumia device are updated by Microsoft. Windows 10 Phones are also able to run universal apps and it can also be used as a full desktop computer when it is docked to a station.

Windows Phone is also more secure than Android because of one reason.

Low market share.

Windows Phone is just opposite to desktop Windows on market share. If nobody is using a platform, no one will want to create a virus for it.  Android suffers most because it is most used OS for mobile devices. Windows Phone saves itself because very few people are interested in such low user base.

What Should I pick?

It depends completely on personal opinion, Mobile web is good enough to do all necessary tasks online and web looks the same on every device (Mostly)

If you are concerned about user privacy and security, (And don’t like iPhone) consider buying a Windows Phone. It has some good features to keep you happy. granted that there is a large app gap, It will (hopefully) get better as Windows 10 supports universal apps.

However, if you really love android, Consider buying a Google Nexus or Android One device.

Google updates them frequently and it is much better than nothing. They are considerably cheaper than Samsung flagship phones and other Android Phones for their specifications.

What do you think about Android Security? Do you agree with me about Windows Phone? Share with us in the comments below.

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