Samsung Made An Android Flip Phone in 2017, And I Want it So Bad

2017 06 24 08h42 14

To many, flip phones are a thing of the past. These mouth to ear phones were almost a perfect compromise to get decent screen size with small vertical height in phones as long as it wasn’t too thick. But after the popularity of touchscreens increased, almost everybody stopped making flip-phones.

Until today, the South Korean Smartphone giant launched an Android-powered flip phone in Korea. The phone is appropriately called Folder Flip 2 and it will come in two colors: Blue and Pink.

2017 06 24 08h42 06

But it’s not just re-using old design style, the company has put enough modern specification inside the phone so that users who switch the phone, don’t have to lose access to their apps. The Folder Flip 2 has a 3.8-inch display, 2GB RAM, a 1950mAh battery and it also has up to 256 GB storage.

Apart from the above, the phone will run on a quad-core 1.4GHz processor and there will be two different variants: one with support for LTE and one with support for 3G. Sure, the phone does not have the latest and greatest in smartphone technology, but its $260 price tag makes it clear that it is more of a nostalgia and style item than an ideal Smartphone option and I am OK with that.

2017 06 24 08h42 14

So what stops you from getting your hands on the phone? well, Samsung has only launched it in Korea. There is no release date of the phone for US or India, if there is one in future, we will make sure to update you. Till then, you can be jealous of Korean smartphone users, just as I am.

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