best free vpn for android

Virtual Tour Around The Globe: 5 Best Free VPNs to Unblock Websites on Android

The world is advancing at a greater pace and it is taking our lives to another height of comfort level with each passing day. Now, we are almost dependent on the...
amazon echo

Amazon May Launch $5 Music Streaming Service, But You Won’t Use it

Amazon is planning to launch two music streaming services before we talk about second, let's get the first one out of our way: It will cost $10, you can stream from all devices and it will have unlimited streaming.
export passwords from Google Chrome

Easiest Ways To Export Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Even though Google Chrome is probably the most feature rich browser, sometimes, it can be tricky to find out something that should otherwise be straight-forward. One of them is importing and exporting passwords in Google Chrome.
fix google chrome problems

Google is Killing Chrome Apps (Except for Chromebooks)

Recently, after announcements about killing flash, removing the Chrome App launcher and removing notification center, Google has now axed another lesser used feature of its browser.

Microsoft has Made PowerShell Open Source and It is Available on Linux

In its mission of Making developers more interested in Microsoft, the company has made PowerShell open source and is bringing it to macOS and Linux.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with stylus

Samsung Will Be Launching Galaxy Note 7 Variant With 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage on...

Now that OnePlus 3 has started the trend of phones with 6 GB of RAM, Samsung might also be releasing a new version of Note 7, which will come with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of Onboard memory.
how to call uber without app

How To Call An Uber Without Installing Uber App

It is well known that Uber - a company that sends you cars to travel within the city, works only with the App. However, Uber has made a way for Indian Uber users to...

Everything You Can Expect from Apple’s September 7 Event

It looks like Apple is ready to launch the new version of iPhone (and some other hardware) in its event which will be held on 7th September.
kickass torrent

Beware: Kickass Torrent Clone is Looking For Your Credit Card Details, one of the most popular clones of the original Torrenting site, has turned into a scam.
google new os fuschia

Google is Building a New Operating System And It’s Not Based On Linux

Here is a surprising news for you: Google is secretly creating an Operating System, the OS is not a new version of Android or Chrome OS, it's different and it doesn’t use Linux Kernel.