This is Galaxy S8 Active, A Beefier, Uglier, Tank-Like Built Brother of Galaxy S8

2017 07 25 08h35 27

A few months ago, we discussed Galaxy S8 active when it was leaked on Netflix. Well, it looks like the leak was true after all, as the phone leaked again with some pictures on Reddit. It seems that the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has got a rugged variant with a larger and thick battery and has a more durable design. It is similar to the last other generations of Samsung’s Galaxy S phones have delivered till now. In the meanwhile, we got to see the leaked out pictures of upcoming Smartphone on Reddit. The photos show Galaxy S8 active in all its glory.

2017 07 25 08h29 10

The S8 Active is no different than the regular S8 in the terms of hardware specifications which includes same Snapdragon 835 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB storage, and cameras. However, the phone is made from different materials and the phone is focused more on taking a beating, be it from drops or harsh environments.

The S8 Active is expected to have a traditional, uncurved display, with some pretty chunky bezels on the sides to boot instead of the edge-to-edge Infinity Display as expected. Moreover, it will also have a locked-down Bixby button dissimilar to the past Active devices which had a re-mappable “Active” button for quick shortcuts.

2017 07 25 08h29 21

There are few of new things happened to the S8 Active: it has military standard certification and features a larger 4,000mAh battery. It might sound good to you if you are a person looking for a rugged Smartphone, but keep in mind that these special variants of phones are usually exclusive to a single carrier in the US. Considering Samsung’s Note 8 is launching next month, there are chances that the phone will come out around the same time.