Everything You Should Know About Android Go

2017 05 26 10h08 04

Goggle’s strategies for expanding the market had been quite impressive over the time and the name itself stands for dependability. Though as far as the market requirements of low-powered devices are concerned, Android’s last attempt at developing a version as Android One has not sustained the expectations. Nonetheless, for 2018, Google has announced a newer form of its mobile operating system titled as Android Go.

2017 05 26 10h08 04

Android Go has been announced in Goggle I/O keynotes. It is a variant of Android that is specifically designed for low powered devices holding 1GB or lower RAM. As the recent ideas suggest, it will be well capable of providing a smooth experience for as low as 512MB of RAM.

Google has a much larger plan for Android Go compared to Android One. While Go will have a significant alteration of basic Android software, it will also hold versions of Applications in Google Play targeted to low powered lucid experience. YouTube Go, for example, will have a capacity to watch keyframes of any video with the ability to download videos for later offline viewing, a trait which is only available in paid YouTube Red, and will be free in Go.

Data consumption will be highly controllable as the user will be able to see the data rate and consumption right on their desktop in a notification. And those are just a few aspects we are aware of. It is still to be revealed if Goggle will design its own hardware or some dedicated third-party companies are to develop devices for it. However, for the market base, we can be pretty sure that Indian market is going to be a huge expectation for Android Go.

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