Lumia 550 is The Cheapest Windows 10 Phone at $139

Microsoft lumia 550

After launching its flagship Lumia 950XL at $649, Microsoft seems to focus on Budget consumers. Announced on its blog, The Latest Lumia phone from Microsoft, called Lumia 550 costs just $139.

At this price, Lumia 550 is not powerful enough to support all new features introduced in Windows 10. People who are interested in using Windows Hello and Continuum need to look for other higher end Lumia phones.

At $139, the phone ships with a 5MP camera, a 4.7-inch display and LTE. The Lumia 550 has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard memory. The Phone looks like any other Lumia device, having a Plastic back and two color variants (Black and white).

lumia 550

Windows 10 has done well for desktop and Laptop computers. However, the mobile phone market is radically different for Microsoft.

Microsoft is trying to make Windows 10 a USP. The Lumia ships with standard Windows Apps and it will run all universal apps made for Windows 10. The list is currently tiny compared to Android Apps.

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