Android’s Instant Apps Are Here

2017 02 12 09h54 17

We had heard about Androids Instant Apps back at Google’s I/O 2016. Now they are here and ready for a trail run. Google had worked with various Android developers at BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki and has now made the first Android Instant Apps available for users.

2017 02 12 09h54 17

An Instant App will let the user download and run certain parts of it without having to download the complete APK file. The Android Instant Apps can be thought of as a bridge between web apps and Android applications.

In a demo by Ellie Powers, Google’s Assistant Manager, that took place in last year’s I/O, she showed by example the working of such apps. For instance when a BuzzFeed user shared a link to another, to BuzzFeed videos Tasty app, then the recipient can open the app and perform some tasks such as view a video without having to download the app.

Not only will this development improve the onboarding process of grabbing new user but it also helps you save space on your phone if you need an app just for a small task. The developers will have to wait for a while to get their hand on this new technology as Google is only introducing Instant Apps as a trial, with the aforementioned apps to collect feedback from the users.

Some users might get the Android Instant Apps today. Many might already have this feature but might be unaware of it as the change in behavior is quite subtle. You can know if you are using an Android Instant App if by following an app link you come to a simplified Android App interface.

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