Samsung 950 Pro is the fastest SSD in the World

samsung 950 prp ssd

SSDs are fast, way faster than Hard Disk Drives and these are getting faster everyday. Samsung has created and released its new Samsung 950 Pro SSD and it breaks all SSD speed records. Talking about the speed of Samsung 950 Pro, it has achieved sequential read speed of 2,500MB/s and sequential write speed of 1,500MB/s

With that high speed, The 950 Pro is approx four times faster than the older Samsung 850 Pro SSDs in reading speeds and almost 3 times faster in writing speeds.

Company has stated that the SSD will only be available in M.2 form factor.Therefore it can only be used in smaller devices such as Laptops and netbooks. Samsung 950 Pro will not be available in a SATA form factor and that may be a dealbreaker for many people.

Pricing and Tech Behind Samsung 950 Pro

samsung 950 prp ssd

Samsung has stated that the SSD will cost $199.99 for 256GB variant and $349.99 for 512 GB variant. 950 Pro is said to be made available on October. The SSD utilises computer’s PCI Express slot to connect and transfer data, this makes the SSD blazingly faster than other SSDs and HDDs. Unlike Samsung 950 Pro, other SSDs and HDDs connect to the computer using AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) which was introduced by Intel.