Microsoft’s Surface Book Ad Just doesn’t do justice With Product

surface book ad

Microsoft surprised everyone in the conference hall when the giant announced Surface Book. It is the first attempt of company to create a laptop. Starting from the introduction to the end of keynote, everyone was just fascinated about the Surface Book.

Take a look at the Video by Microsoft that was played during the keynote:

[su_youtube url=””]

You see that? it looks like something people will want to use. All media houses praised it for the functionality and features. design is also the key factor here.

The Surface Book Ad is just OK

After the keynote, Microsoft released an advertisement for the same laptop. The surface book ad is just OK.  I mean Microsoft could really do something cool to show off some unique things about the laptop. Instead of doing that, the Surface Book ad looks and sounds like any other laptop ad around us. You can simply replace the product with any other laptop and looks like no one will notice.

Microsoft is doing really well with new products. However, they should also find a way to showcase the features of their products in advertisements.

Here is the new Surface Book ad, see it yourself…

[su_youtube url=”″]

Sure, it is just an ad, but it is the first thing most people will see about the product. Looks like it is way too inspired by Apple Macbook commercials.

What do you think about the Surface Book ads? do you think that Microsoft could do much more with the commercial? share with us via comments.