These Are The Best Android Apps of 2017 (According to Google)

evolution of android infographic

Annual Google Play awards that Google announces each year for innovations and performance of the apps in Goggle Play, were given this Wednesday at Google’s I/O conference. This year, awards were divided into 12 different categories, and each category had a basic criterion for competing applications that either an application should have been launched or have received a major update during the year 2016, while a good star-rating at Goggle play will add benefits. Google cleared those benchmarks in its 9to5Google reports.

For the augmented and virtual reality apps, the award has been claimed by the ‘WOORLD’ and the ‘Virtual Virtual Reality’ respectively. The best accessibility award is won by ‘IFTTT’ and best Social Impact award went to ‘ShareTheMeal’. In games category, ‘Forged to Fight’ won the title for the best game and ‘Hearthstone’ claimed the Best Multiplayer Game award.
For best Android Wear Experience, the award was claimed by ‘Runtastic-Running and Fitness’. The standout startup award went to ‘HOOKED’ app that contains individual chat stories, and ‘Mushroom 11’ was awarded the Standout indie app of the year 2016.

Finally, ‘Memrise’ managed to win the Best App of the year award for 2017. As the number of Android users have reached to a mammoth 2 Billion. Those awards inspires the developers at Google play to keep their performance at the highest.

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