Watch Google Assistant Kick Apple Siri and Alexa’s Ass In Understanding Accents

2017 05 23 09h59 28

AI-based voice assistants have a tough competition as Goggle, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon have their offering in their voice assistants bragging various capabilities and performance. Google, however, demonstrated in a video how its AI voice Assistants has grown its ability during the span of last one year. In keynote of Goggle I/O 2017, Sunder Pichai highlighted the impressive stats that Assistant’s speech error rate has gone as low as 5%. Google Assistant is skilled specifically for its ability to recognize different accents and contextual language. The same had been demonstrated. Also announced at I/O 2017, a number of new features for Google Home are added to its functionality including scheduling appointments and reminders, making hands-free calls from Home, and visual responses from Assistant on TVs.

The demonstration consisted of a Wired-tested question from 8 different people with different accents asking the question “When was Benedict Cumberbatch born?”. As Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are seniors to Google Assistant on their respective platforms, Google’s Assistant had much to prove. The accents were: American, British, Scottish, Irish, Australian, Japanese, Italian, and German.

As the video shows people were provoked to deliberately mispronounce words to check out if the device are somehow able to catch the right phrase and finally Google Assistant performed better than the competition having only a little problem in getting the Italian accent properly. This demonstration backs Google’s claim that Assistant can recognize various speeches with their native accents with a very high accuracy. Supposedly, Assistant can now support up to six people at Google home.

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