Android’s Instant Tethering Will Let You Get Online Without Even Unlocking The Phone

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In case you haven’t noticed earlier, All Android Phones have a tethering feature that lets you use your mobile internet on your tablet or laptop using a wi-fi hotspot, Bluetooth or data cable. While it is quite useful (I am using it right now, to publish this on Getting Geek), if you need to do it frequently, it can be a little tedious to set it up as you need to tap the screen more than just a few times.

It looks like Google is fixing this in an upcoming update to the OS. As Android Police spotted, the search giant is adding a new feature called ‘Instant Tethering’ that will let you connect via tethering automatically.

Instant Tethering will link up to devices using the same Google Account to make going online should you loose internet connection on your device. Once configured, if a device loses internet connectivity, it will notify you and then ask you if you want to connect using your phone. Once you agree, the connection signal is sent via Bluetooth.

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Credit: Android Police

Instant Tethering will work with devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the first devices to get this feature will be Nexus and Pixel Tablets and phones, which makes sense.  The feature is installed on devices using Google Play Services, but just updating it won’t work as there are some server side components too.

Instant Tethering will work with other phones too, but I think it will make more sense with tablet devices running Android as not all tablets support LTE or other mobile networks via SIM cards.

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