Google as you have known it, is now Alphabet

googel alphabet

Google is no longer the company it used to be, starting form last midnight, Google Inc has morphed into Alphabet – A parent company that will be led by Google co-founder Larry Page.

Google already announced in September that the company will be going under a major reconstruction. Last night, just after the stock market closed, Google was replaced by Alphabet.

google alphabet

Google will work the same, except that it is now under Alphabet

Alphabet owns Google and More

Actually, In recent years, Google had turned from a well managed company to a messy corporation with too much to focus on and too less leaders. this is why board of Google decided to create a parent company called “Alphabet”.

The new company is a group of smaller companies, one of these is¬†Google Itself. The others are Smart Thermostat division Next, Google X and More. Google … sorry, Alphabet hopes that the reconstruction will make the management of company better and it will create a healthy competition between the divisions of Alphabet.

Google will still manage Google Search, Gmail, Android and other stuff. The difference will be mostly for some futuristic products. Sundar Pichai now has the charge of CEO in Google whereas Alphabet will be managed by co-founder Larry Page.

All other divisions of Alphabet will have their own leaders.

For those who owned share in Google, you don’t have to worry all class A and class C shares of Google will automatically be converted into shares of Alphabet. The tickers will not have any change and trading will start from Monday on NASDAQ.

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