Oculus Rift is cheaper thanks to the competition

2017 03 02 08h29 41

If you have been paying attention to the rising VR Industry, you must have noticed that getting into quality VR is quite expensive. Not only you will have to buy a VR headset like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you will also have to shell out cash for a beefy computer system, which alone can cost anything around $1000.

2017 03 02 08h29 41

There are some cheaper experiences available -Google’s Cardboard comes to mind- but the experience is hardly comparable to what you will get from a dedicated headset and full-length games.

Thanks to the rise of $300 Playstation VR and the growing sales of HTV Vive, Oculus has made the entry barrier slightly lower, before today, the bundle of Oculus Rit and Touch controller was sold at $798, but with Oculus’ recent announcement, the complete package will cost $598.

In case you already have a Rift, you can buy a Touch control for just $99 but keep in mind that you will also have to shell out $58 for the sensor to map its movements.

The company announced its price drops on the Rift’s first anniversary, alongside with the price drops, the company also announced the launch of Robo Recall, which will be an exclusive title for Oculus Rift.

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