You can now receive larger email attachments via Gmail


When it comes to sending files from point A to point B, email is still the easiest way of doing this; you don’t need any other software, it just takes a few clicks, and you can be sure that the person B will get it easily. Until, well, the size if the attachment is less than or equal to the one that your email provider allows.

Gmail is still the king of email, and for sending and receiving an email attachment, the good old email service supported just 25 MB of maximum file size in the past. In a surprising step, the company today announced that it will now let users review up to 50 MB of email attachments.

Don’t be too happy, though, the maximum attachment size for outgoing email is still 25 MB, and if you are looking to send a file larger than that, you will need the help of cloud-based services such as Microsoft OneDrive, or Google’s own Google Drive.

The announcement post noted that the update might take up to three days to come into effect for all users. So you may have to wait for a little.  One more thing, you should keep in mind that the gmail storage is limited for free accounts so you may have to do a regular cleanup of your inbox if you receive too many large email attachments.

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