Fallout 4 Will be Coming in Virtual Reality in 2017

2016 06 13 13h07 47

If you have interest in feeling a bit more closer to post apocalyptic world of Fallout, you are going to really appreciate Bethseda’a new announcement. Fallout 4 will be coming to Virtual Reality next year.
As the company announced in its E3 Gaming Expo today, the beloved game will soon be available for HTC Vive.
As the game has already proved it as a great FPS, its very likely that VR release will be a great gaming experience.
That’s not from all the Bethseda’s announcements though, The game is also getting 3 new DLCs.
These are named as : The Contraptions Workshop, Vault-tec Workshop and Nuka-World theme park.


Bethseda has not cleared if these will be in Virtual Reality too, but I think it will also be available for VR.

And now that you are caught-up with the news, here is an Honest Game trailer of Fallout 4 for you: