Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death is Going Green (for Windows Insiders)

2016 12 29 21h32 45

The Blue Screen of Death is getting some cosmetic changes in the insider builds. In the Windows insiders preview build 14997, among some other new features, Microsoft is also making some changes on its scariest error screen by changing its color to green.

The change was first teased by Microsoft employee Matthijs Hoekstra on Twitter.

Twitter user Chris quickly found the change made by Microsoft in the insider release by doing something he referred as a ‘force bug check.’

One other change on the BSoD is the addition of a QR code. Blue Screen of Deaths have a problem or error code that can be searched online to find the cause of BSoD and diagnose it, adding a QR code is a welcome move as it will make searching and diagnosing faster.

It is not yet clear if the green color was selected for any particular reason, but the addition of QR code can be understood easily.

The change in color is only for Windows Insiders as it will make it easy to distinguish between Windows Releases. As of now, Microsoft has not announced any plan to change the color for regular releases of the operating system. The QR should make it to regular version though as it will be useful for all users.

It should be noted that the Insider Preview was leaked, apart from the changes in BSoD, the new build also adds some other new features, such as:

  • F.lux like blue light reduction mode
  • Options to set-up Cortana on the initial PC setup
  • Microsoft Edge tab improvements
  • App folders on Start Menu/Screen

There is no denying that having an error-free operating system is impossible, and it is at least good that Microsoft is making some changes to help users in understanding the errors.

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