5 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iPhone’s iOS

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Just like Xbox and Playstation have been a deciding factor of friendships in recent years, picking the correct mobile OS whether its iOS or its Android is becoming increasingly difficult. In early years, iPhones were the easy choice fo people who were looking for phones that just work. However, since Android 4.4 Android has improved itself massively and most reasons to go for iOS are have started to become moot. Lets take a look at 5 Reasons why Android is a better mobile Operating System than Apple’s iOS.

Android Has Far More Free Apps Than iOS

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Free apps and games on Android are a clear win over iOS, which expects you to pay more frequently. A large number of apps have heavy price tag on iOS, that are freely available on Android. Big difference when you are paying extra money to iOS and buying the same, sometimes even less functional version. Then there are freemium and ad-supported version on PlayStore.

Google Assistant and Google Now are far superior on Android

If you use Google services, using Google Now is kind of a no-brainer. While iOS has a decent app for Google Now, the Android version has always been getting new features first and runs efficiently. Technology is forwarding to offer real convenience boosts to our routine jobs. Tough competition. Nonetheless, for now, the predictive and pre-emptive nature of Google Now is best suited on Android. The same goes for Google Assistant, sure Siri is OK, but compare it to Google Now and you will find that Google’s offering on Android is far more powerful.

Custom ROMs

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Chroma is a well known Android Custom ROM

While Custom ROMs have lost some of their popularity in recent years, they still matter a lot to geeks and tech enthusiasts. It makes a big difference when you can get Lineage OS offering you the vast liberty to use your apps and games in newer ways while inviting custom ROM builders too to open platform of innovation as opposed to locked and rigid iOS.

Android has better support for multi-window multitasking

Multitasking in Android 7

Multitasking in Android 7

That is a definitive upvote to Android. You just can’t open multiple windows on an iOS phone. Simultaneously writing a mail, checking your notebooks and surfing on the internet at once is possible on Android phones running Nougat with its ability to run two apps on the same screen at once. That is a very big privilege of Android users putting it right ahead of iOS.

Android Phones are far more customizable

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Evie is my favorite Android Launcher

Only Android gives you a whole range of launchers, only Android gives you a huge variety of customization widgets, and only Android has a myriad range of shape and sizes of smartphones to suit for a taste. Where iOS gives you a feel of uniformity, Android invites you to a fancy-dress party. Don’t like how the icon of Facebook or Google Chrome looks? with Android, only a quick trip to Play Store will do the trick, but on iOS, it just is not possible.

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