5 Unique and Cool Android Launchers to Customize your Smartphone

cool android launcher

Customizable android launchers are playing an important role in making android preferred among competition. There are many android launchers available on the Google Play to customize the graphics interface of your home screen. We have short listed some cool and unique android launchers that can replace your home screen experience:

Stella launcher by Jolla

unique android launcher - stella

This heavyweight resource hog launcher is definitely not for entry level androids, sizing more than 50 MB, Stella Launcher is made by jolla -company behind the Sailfish OS. This launcher includes beautifully styled home screen and swiping based operations. The launcher feels a lot like the Sailfish OS , the interface is snappy and beautiful.
Although there are very few customization options in settings.

Download it on Google Play (Free)

Buzz launcher

Buzz launcher is a unique theme based launcher. The possibilities of customizability are almost unlimited becaues there are thousands of cool themes available for it. The growing collection of themes makes it really cool.
The application drawer is simplified and many gestures can be used.

unique android launchers - buzz

Download it on Google Play (Free)

Lucid launcher

Lucid launcher is not about dividing interface into pages, instead Lucid launcher includes 3 workspaces to the user. The first one is the conventional app drawer , the second is Widget page and last but not the least the third space is a web browser. It  makes searching very handy task – you only need to swipe to open a web site.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdQv1UAdhGM”]

Lucid launcher is available in both free and paid version in Google Play. Be sure to try the free version before buying the paid one for your convenience.

Download it on Google Play (Free)

 Chameleon launcher

unique android launchers -chemleon launcher

Being focused on Bigger screen devises such as Tablets and Phablets, It really is a kind of launcher that you can either love it or hate it , The interface is divided into grids and Widgets play a very important part. The launcher changes the pages according to your place. Such as in your workplace you will see your mails in the home screen and when in home you will see the Facebook and twitter alike widgets. Although it is not free and you will have to shell some cash for it.


 Yahoo aviate

unique android launchers - yahoo aviate

Yahoo’s aviate is one of the most organized launcher in Google Play store, It doesn’t have 10000 themes but itreally looks coo and well managed. The sidebar changes accordingly to your time and location after you configure it properly. Such as it shows news in the morning and sows you navigation when you are going to your worksite. Five spaces are available named as Morning, Moving, Listening, Work and Transit. Aviate is light on resources and really easy to use.

Download it on Google Play (Free)

Do you know any other laucher that is cooler than the default one? Share it with us in the comments below…