Activision Acquired Maker of Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga activision

The maker of Guitar Hero Games -Activision Blizzard  has acquired King Digital entertainment for a whooping $5.9 billion in Cash.
King Digital is the company behind the famous (and hated by some people) game Candy Crush Saga. The Company announced the acquisition process in its official blog post.

Activision is already known for some of the greatest games for PCs and game consols such as Diablo and guitar hero series, the company hopes that this will help the company in gaining better grounds in smartphone gaming industry . King digital has almost 200 mobile gaming titles and these will defiantly help Activision in penetrating deep in the mobile gaming market.

Combining all the titles of both companies Activision has now 1000 games. Activision is hoping that this acquisition will help the company in competition with other brands such as EA Games. Recently EA announced that it has more than 1560 million users on the mobile gaming.
Be it good or annoying, King soft has made a big impact on Mobile gaming and it will be really interesting to see how Activision performs on mobile gaming after this acquisition .

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Image Credit: TriplePoint TriplePoint on Flickr