5 Microsoft Made Android Apps You May Not Know About

5 Microsoft Made Android Apps You May Not Know About

Windows Phone may be struggling to prove itself as a great mobile OS, but Microsoft is not seeming to hope people to buy a Windows Phone to use their services and apps, rather than that, the Redomond Giant is creating tons of apps for other mobile platforms.

Most people have already heard about Microsoft Office, Bing and OneDrive etc but there is more to it. Some apps for android made by Microsoft are not just bunch of ports, instead they are surprisingly good and innovative to use.

Lets take look on Microsoft’s top 5 Android Apps that you may not have heard about.

Arrow Launcher

Recently launched for public use, Arrow Launcher is a full flagged Android Home Screen replacement. It tries to make stuff easily accessible by showing user recently used apps and recently contacted people on the home screen.

arrow launcher android

Arrow Launcher is not a flat style launcher. It has its own visual style and if you wish, you can use third party icon packs with the launcher to customize the visual experience. The launcher also packs a vertical app drawer with a handy search bar on the top to make app access quicker.

You can read more about Arrow Launcher in this post.

Download Arrow Launcher

Next Lock Screen

Initially started as a garage project on Microsoft,It is an excellent option to use with the Arrow Launcher. Next Lock Screen is a replacement for the stock lock screen. It works on all Android Smartphone running version 4.1 or higher. Next Lock Screen makes it easy to launch apps right from your Lock-screen.

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It can also show you your all notifications on the lockscreen. Aimed at professionals, it makes it possible to view and act on notifications without unlocking the phone.

Download Next Lock Screen.


[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfLMTsIJsoo”]

on{X} is currently in beta but in my use, I did not find any bugs. It is a bit complex to use at first. Initially, using this you can automate tons of thing on your Android Phone. Such as you can set your Phone to mute once you get to your office. The app requires Facebook login to work.
Honestly, IFTTT is good at doing this, but as it is made by Microsoft, it deserves to be on this list.


OneNote is well known Note taking app by Microsoft, but some people find it too feature rich and cumbersome to use. Parchi is a great tiny note taking app. It sizes only 4MB and it is also easy to use. You can use hashtags (#tags) to link notes on a specific topic. Parchi was also started as a Microsoft Garage project.

5 best Microsoft andoid apps- parachi

In Parachi, you can create several types of notes and you can also take action on them (calling someone as an example)

Parchi looks clean is definitely worth giving a try.

Download Parchi

Office Lens

The name says all about it, Office Lens is a scanning app and it can take photos and convert them to usable PDFs and other formats.

Office Lens works really well with Microsoft Office apps for Android. After you take a photo of a Printed page or a clipboard, the Microsoft app will cut all the unnecessary stuff out and you will be presented with a clean and neat scanned that can be used with Microsoft Word Documents and other apps.

5 best Microsoft andoid apps- office lens

You can use the app to save scans to OneDrive, in Gallery as Image and even as a PDF not to mention that it also sends them to Office Apps

Download Office Lens

Apart from these apps, do you know any other cool Android App that is made my Microsoft? How many of these were already know by you?

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