Microsoft just released an Android Launcher Called Arrow

arrow launcher android

Microsoft is not just focusing on Windows anymore. Today, an Garage Project of Microsoft became the first android launcher by Microsoft on the Google Play Store.

The launcher is named arrow and just as any other good launcher, it tries to simplifying the user experience in android.

The app sizes less than 5 MB and works well on low end devices, it has a few basic screens each with a unique purpose. Arrow Launcher makes it easy to launch recently used apps and contacting recently called people.

Perhaps the biggest feature is that it can switch Wallpapers automatically with Bing Image of the day.

Apart from these, the app also makes sure that you call Google Now as less as possible by having a screen to manage tasks and notes on the go. These seem to work just as well as expected. The customizability is also good, it has support for icon packs.

Whereas the Arrow Launcher is good in what it does, At  this point it is only available in English and Traditional & Simplified Chinese languages. Hopefully Microsoft can add new features and language in future releases.

App is now available in Google’s Play Store and it has mostly positive reviews so far.

Have you used Arrow Launcher? do you plan to use it? share with us in the comments below…