Here is How Samsung’s 18″ Tablet will Look Like

samsung galaxy view leaked

Apple has a 13″ iPad Pro, Microsoft has it’s Surface Pro so why Samsung cant make a giant tablet? well Samsung is creating a Tablet that is going to have a display bigger than my 15.6″ Laptop.

Yes, Samsung is making a 18″ Tablet Called Galaxy View. To me more precise, it will have a 18.4″ monster display. Evaleak posted a leaked image on twitter. The image reveals that the tablet is a no joke 18″ monster.

To stand this huge display, Galaxy View has a kickstand which is  bit similar to Microsoft Surface Pro devices. In Specs departments, rumors say that tablet will be powered by a 1.6GHz Exynos 7580 SoC and it will be assisted by 2GB of RAM on board.It has a 1080p, 120PPI display.


Seems that Galaxy View will come in WiFi, LTE and 3G version. According to the recent leaks, WiFi model will cost around $600, which seems legit for this huge screen.

Samsung really want to be noted on big screen tablets, the Samsung Galaxy View will compete with Apples smaller (but still huge) iPad Pro.

$600 price will definitely make it cheaper than iPad Pro or Surface Pro. However, giant tablets loose their charm due to too much weight and it will be interesting to see how Galaxy View stacks up against the competition.

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