Razer Just Baught NextBit To Enter The Smartphone Market

2017 01 31 07h57 19

Razer -a company that has been making some of the best gaming laptops in the world – just announced that it has bought smartphone maker NextBit.

Nextbit is the manufacturer of a pretty unique smartphone Robin which had seamless cloud integration. The NextBit Robin did not run out of storage at all. Apart from the cloud features, the phone had a unique design, and it was cheap compared to similarly powerful Samsung or LG phones.


With a big company like Razer at their helm, the company will have the much bigger financial backing and support for its future projects. For Razer, it will be company’s first entry into the smartphone market.

Nextbit says that it won’t vanish under the brand name of Razer. Instead, the company will work as an independent division inside Razer.

Nextbit will operate as an independent division inside Razer, focused on unique mobile design and experiences. To put it simply, we’ll be doing exactly what we’ve been doing all along, only bigger and better.

Nextbit has stopped selling Robin smartphones and accessories. To keep existing customers happy, the company will continue software support till February 2018, and it will also fulfill the warranties for six upcoming months.

Razer has had a good track record of making high-quality gaming hardware in the past. I am sure that Razer can pull something great in the smartphone market too if it continues to do just as good work as it has been doing.

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