100+ Google Now Voice Commands You Can Try

list og google now commands

Google Now is not as chat-y as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft Cortana but it has its own perks. The silent search app does its job pretty well and once you have set it up properly -you can be sure that it wont let you down.

Voice search feature on Google Now is excellent, it is also improving day-by-day. Just like You activate siri by saying “hey siri’ and cortana by “hey Cortana”, you can activate it by just saying “OK Google”.

Keep in mind that whereas OK Google command will work well on android, it wont work on Google Chrome on a desktop computer.

Following are the more that 100 voice commands that you can try on Google Now, we will dig on them by categories:

General Searches and Tasks

  • “Say [Nice to meet you] in [Spanish]?”
  • “Where was [Mahatma Gandhi] born?”
  • “Who invented [time travel]?”
  • “Define [idealism ]”
  • “What is the meaning of [dynamic]?”
  • “Search for [Formula 1 Race]?
  • “Who is married to [Amir Khan]?”
  • “Stock price of [MSFT
  • “Post to Twitter [Enjoying The Day]”
  • “How do you say [Good Night] in [French]?”
  • “What is [Twitter] trading at?”
  • “What is [Google glass]?”
  • “Author of [Da Vinci Code]”
  • “How old is [Morgan Freeman]?”
  • “Show me pictures of [Amazon River]”
  • “Post to Google+ [Going to NYC]”

Sports Related

  • “Did [Brazil Football Team] win their last game?”
  • “Show me the [Premier League] table”
  • “How are [Team name] doing?”
  • “When is the next [IPL] game?”

Weather Related

  • “Weather”
  • “Do I need an umbrella today?”
  • “What’s the weather like?”
  • “Is it going to rain [in evening/ Saturday]”
  • “How’s the weather in [NYC] on [Friday] going to be?”
  • “What’s the weather in [Delhi]?”

Maps and Locations

  • “Show me the nearby [coffee shop] on map”
  • “Directions to [say a place or address]”
  • Map of [city name]”
  • “Where’s my hotel?”
  • “Where is my home?”
  • “How far is [name of place] from [name of other place]?”
  • “Where is [city/ place ]”
  • “Navigate to [address] on car”
  • “Find the [land mark]”
  • “What are some attractions in [London]?”

Math related Questions

  • “What is [96] percent of [1000]?”
  • “[arithmetic expression] equals”
  • “What is the tip for [10] dollars?”
  • “How much is [6] times [145]?”
  • “Square root of [96]”
  • “Convert [currency / length …] to [another currency / length …]”

Web Browsing

  • “Show me [GettingGeek.com]”
  • “Go to [PC Advisor]?”
  • “Browse to [howtogeek.com]”
  • “Open [Microsoft.com]”

Flight Information

  • “Show me my flights”
  • “Flight [AK 968]?”
  • “Has [AK 968] landed?”
  • “When will [AK 968] land / depart?”
  • “Flight status of [AK 968]”

Movies, Music and TV

  • “Listen to / play [Bad Blood] by [Taylor Swift]?”
  • “What songs does [Adele] sing?”
  • “YouTube [Austin Evans]?”
  • “When was [Men in black II ] released?”
  • “Runtime of [Interstellar ]”
  • “Who is the producer of [Transformers]?”
  • “Listen to TV”
  • “What’s this song?”
  • “Who acted in [Oblivion]?”
  • “Play some music”
  • “Watch [The Martians]”
  • “Read [the Aesop’s Fables]”
  • “Where is [The Avengers] playing?”
  • “What movies are playing [afternoon]?”

Time & Dates

  • “What time is it in [NYC]?”
  • “When is the sunset ”
  • “What is the timezone of [India]”
  • “When is the sunset [in NYC ]”
  • “Time at [home / work]”

Reminders & Notes

  • “Remind me [when I get / next time I’m at] [home / work / other location] [to call John]”
  • “Set an alarm at [7 AM]”
  • “Remind me to [call John] at [9 PM]”
  • “Note to self: [The sun rises in the east]”
  • “Wake me up in [5 hours]”


  • “Set a timer for [2 Hours]”
  • “When’s my [next meeting]?”
  • “What is my schedule for [today]?”
  • “Create a calendar event: [meeting with HR] [Sunday at 3 PM]”

Calls and SMS

  • “Listen to voicemail”
  • “Send [email] to [Jack], [Subject: Delay in Project], [Message: Re-scheduled to 5PM]”
  • “Send [SMS] to [Jack], [get in here soon]”
  • “Call [Jack]”
  • “Call [mom / dad / wife / uncle / aunt …]” (You need to add relationship to contact)
  • “[Contact name]”
  • “Call [BIMR Hospital]”
  • “Find [Jack’s] [phone number / email / address]”


  • “Take a [picture / photo / selfie]”
  • “Record a video”
  • “Launch [Google Play Music]”
  • “Open [Settings]”

Easter Eggs

  • “Do a barrel roll”
  • “Tilt / Askew”
  • “What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?”
  • “What’s the loneliest number?”
  • “What is the nature of the universe?”
  • “Make me a sandwich!”
  • “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…”
  • “When does the narwhal bacon?”
  • “Sudo, make me a sandwich!”
  • “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”
  • “Beam me up, Scotty!”
  • “Up up down down left right left right”
  • “Go go gadget [app name]”
  • “When am I?”
  • “What is the Bacon number of [random actor]?”
  • “What does the fox say?”
  • “Who’s on first?”
  • “Who are you?”

These were all the native commands on Google Now, keep in mind that other apps can have their own set of commands for Google Now, such as you can say “send a message to Jack on WhatsApp” and it will work just as well.

Apart from these, do you know any other Google Now Voice Command? if yes, please share with us in the comments below.

Image Credit:   downloadsource.fr on Flickr