Android Wear 2.0 Will Be Coming Next Month

android wear

Google’s original plan was to release the Android Wear 2.0 in last year’s fall, but due to some technical issues and other problems, the company could not deliver the new version of its Linux-based Smartwatch operating system to the public.

Well, it looks like Google has sorted out challenges and the company is ready to launch the Android Wear 2.0 in the upcoming month. The company is now notifying app developers that version 2.0 of Android’ Smartwatch OS is coming in next month and they should get their apps ready for the launch.

Google's Letter to developers | Credit: Android Police

Google’s Letter to developers | Credit: Android Police

The company is trying to make sure that all developers update their app for the upcoming changes to the operating system, The apps in the new OS will have to run in a standalone mode as the watch will no longer need to connect with a smartphone. The ability to work standalone will probably be the most important feature of the new OS as it deals with the biggest annoyance of the current smartwatch king: the Apple Watch.

With the new version of operating system, the company will also launch two new watches, which will be the entry of Google in Smartwatch hardware market.  Old devices will also get an update to Android Wear 2, but it is not clear when and how.

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