Watch: 5 Funniest iPhone 7 Parodies

funniest iphone 7 parodies

Apple launched the iPhone 7 early this month and as usual, there are some things to love and some things to hate in the new smartphone.

While most people liked water-resistance and the improved battery life, some were pissed about the removal of Headphone jack. Also, granted that the new AirPods are impressive, people are comparing the Bluetooth earpieces with Dental floss.

As we have started to learn from recent years, the Internet is an Amazing place. Soon after the iPhone 7 was launched, some creative – and humorful- folks created their own take on the product launch and started posting spoofs on iPhone 7 and Apple AirPods. Here are some of the best iPhone 7 Parody videos for your entertainment.

Keep in mind that the following may contain some cursing,

The iPhone 7 is Worse

Collage humor’s video on iPhone 7 straight up says that Apple has made the iPhone 7 is just worse that the older iPhone. The parody has a very similar narration as the official Introduction videos and the fact that narators voice sounds like Johny Eve is just a cherry on the top.

“We remove the headphone jack and that’s all the innovation we did”

Hey bro, can I borrow your dongle?

This iPhone 7 parody comes from jacksfilms and mocks AirPod quite impressively. You will also find US music artist Sia in the video doing some weird shit.

The new iPhone is the same as the last three

YouTuber Richi Rich’s Parody on iPhone 7 has some hilarious moments. According to the video, the only reason of Apple removing the headphone jack is to sell $160 AirPods.

Don’t Blink

After the October event, Apple uploaded a video called Don’t Blink on its YouTube Channel summarizing all the products launched on the event.

Indian Comedy group AIB created their own summary of the event and the result is completely hilarious.

The iPhone 7 Launch

This one is from Charles The French and

Which one is your favorite iPhone 7 Parody?

Among the above 5, which one did you find the funniest? Share with us in the comments below.

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