Apple Has Killed Development of AirPort Wireless Routers

2016 11 21 23h37 58

In a time when Google has started shipping its Wi-Fi routers, Apple has reportedly killed off development of it’s Wi-Fi router and assigned the product teams to other projects.

As Bloomberg reported today, The Company has been slowly shutting down the division over the course of past year. It is being said that Apple is doing so to focus more on consumer products that are making big bucks for the company.

In case if you wonder, Apple’s AirPort WiFi routers, which are included into “other products” of Apple’s annual earning reports made $11.1 Billion which is merely 5 percent of total income while iPhones are continuously making bulk money for the company.


Apple is hoping to use the workforce on more innovative products like Apple TV, iPads, MacBooks and iPhones.

While the development of AirPort routers has been stopped, it is unclear if Apple will kill the manufacturing of product or not as all three models of AirPort can still be bought from retail stores.

AirPort routers have not been updated since last 3 year and now that R&D has been killed off, there is a good chance that Apple will be pulling the plug from Router markets.

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