Apple Just Released a new MacBook and it still has one port

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Last year, when Apple released its thinnest consumer laptop MacBook, everyone praised it for its design and display. however, consumers also complained about its lack of connectivity ports and lower performance than same-priced laptops.
Yesterday, apple updated its MacBook with new components and some new colors. The biggest change in its appearance is the new color – wait for it- rose gold.
Also, Apple has upgraded the internals with newer 6th generation Core M processor and 256 GB of SSD storage.
Despite newer specs, Apple will still sell it at the same price. It will cost you $1299 for entry-level model that comes with 8GB of RAM.
Even though reviewers criticised original MacBook for lack of ports, there is still only one USB-C Type port on the left side of MacBook. The right side is also clean except a 3.5mm Headphone jack.
The second biggest problem – the shorter battery life – will be a bit less concerning as newer components will consume less battery power. Apple claimed that new MacBook will last one hour longer than the original MacBook.


Image: Apple

Should I Buy / Upgrade?

If you one a MacBook already, upgrading won’t necessarily make sense unless you are dissatisfied about it’s performance. The new MacBook should be almost 10%-20% faster than the last one.
In case you don’t currently own a MacBook, ask yourself if you can live with just a USB-C port. If the answer is yes, MacBook is one of the most polished Laptops out there.
And in case you have always dreamed about having a Pink laptop, Apple has made your dream come true.