No more “OK Google” Voice Detection on Google Chrome

Chrome wont listen to you, no matter how hard you say "OK Google"

Google seems too obsessed with simplification of its Chrome Browser, right after Google removed the notification center from Google Chrome, the company has also ripped off “OK Google” Voice Detection.

The reason is same for this as it was about Notification Center -no one seems to be using them.

We haven’t seen many users utilize this feature on these platform

– Google

The Voice Search Feature was used to make Google Searches on Chrome. When a users said OK Google followed by search query or question, Chrome will make a search on Google

Although the always on OK Google detection is being removed, Google still offers the voice search button on Chrome’s new tab page and on its home page.

The feature is being removed with 46th version of Chrome and it will be applied on Google Chrome for Windows, Linux and Mac. Any device running Chrome OS or Android wont be affected with this.

Chrome 46 looks more like a decrementation updates for features, it is sure that users who were using it will get disappointed. However, Google thinks that the number of these users is too low and can be ignored.

Did you use “OK Google” voice detection on your PC? if yes, share with us via comments below.

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