This is How Google’s 4K Chromecast looks

chromecast ultra 4k leaked

Google is planning to launch a new Pixel phone, some other hardware and a new Chromecast on its October 4 event. While the new Pixel Phones will be there to upgrade the specs from older Nexus phones, The new Chromecast Ultra may be a bit more exciting upgrade for Chromecast users with 4K TVs.

Photos of the new Chromecast Ultra have leaked and they look a bit similor in shape to last year’s Chromecast and Chromecast Audio.

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chromecast ultra 4k leaked

As the VentureBeat reports, the new Chromecast will go on sale for $69. For the cost, you will get the ability to stream 4K content from your devices to your 4K TV. The other non 4K version of Chromecast will continue to be on sale for $35 as it always has been.

Notably, the new Chromecasts drop the Chrome logo and replace it with a ‘G’ as it stands for Google. ┬áThe same applies to the version 1.21 of Firmware.

Google will be launching Phones, VR Headsets, a Wi-Fi routers and some other hardware in its event, it will be interesting to see how Chromecast Ultra goes as there has never been more competition in Streaming Stick market.

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