What is Chromecast Audio and How is it different?

Google Chromecast Audio

Yesterday, in an event Google announced some new devices, Two Chromecasts and two new nexus phones. Google also revealed a new tablet called Pixel C.

Phones and tables are already well understood by most people, Chromecast Audio is completely new device in Google Products. Rather than a successor of a pre existing device it is a new first generation hardware.

So, What is Google Chromecast Audio?

In a nutshell, It is a streaming stick which can stream music wirelessly from a mobile phone, tablet (or anything else) to a speaker system. Chromecast audio works in similarly to Chromecast. Both are connected to the receiving device and the signal is sent from another device. There is one major difference between Google Chromecast and Chromecast audio, the former is capable of streaming Videos whereas the latter can only stream music.

You can use the normal Chromecast with a TV and stream videos, Photos or even games to the TV screen. In case of Chromecast audio, it can only be connected to a music system such as home theater or speakers.

The dongle has outputs music through a audio jack which is connected to music system. It is has a 3.5 MM audio jack as output, you can also use Optical or RCA cables.

what is chromecast audio

Chromecast connects to music systems | Image: Google

Unlike Chromecast, Chromecast Audio includes a Guest Mode. It needs to be powered by an external power source, which is included in the box. Chromecast audio currently supports popular music apps such as Spotify, Google Music and YouTube etc.

Chromecast and Chromecast audio both cost $35.

Which one Should you buy? Chromecast or Chromecast Audio?

It all is based upon your needs, Chromecast is for streaming Video (with audio, of course) to your TV, actually most people will be OK with this.
Chromecast Audio is good for you if you have a dedicated music system in your home.  your music system may already have a bluetooth system, but Chromecast Audio uses Wi-Fi to stream music. Wi-Fi will be more reliable and Faster than Bluetooth. Also the major point is that if you are subscribed to any music service such as Apple Music, Spotify or Google Music, you can easily listen music on music system without any trouble.

A normal Chromecast will work good if don’t have a dedicated music system and you want to stream Video and Music to your TV.

Will you buy the any of them? if yes, which one? Share with us in the comment below…