How To Call An Uber Without Installing Uber App

how to call uber without app

It is well known that Uber – a company that sends you cars to travel within the city, works only with the App. However, Uber has made a way for Indian Uber users to call a cab without installing an App. You will still need an internet connection, though.

To Hail an Uber without using the App, simply open the web browser on your Android Phone and enter 

uber mobile website to call cab without app

The newly launched site will let you call the cab after you have entered your username and password on the site. If you don’t have Uber account, there is an option to make one with your mobile number.

To use this, you won’t have to make payments via a credit or debit card either, once you have reached your destination, you can pay your driver via cash.

There is one catch: the service is currently only available for 4 cities, these are Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati, and Jodhpur. Uber should be launching the site for other cities soon.

India is a very competitive market for Uber. With rivals such as Ola also working hard to dominate the market, Uber needs to have some convenient features to attract customers. It will be interesting to see how adding this feature works out for the company.