Everything You Can Expect from Apple’s September 7 Event

2016 08 15 22h57 53

It has been almost a year since iPhone 6s was released, and it looks like Apple is ready to launch the new version of iPhone (and some other hardware) in its event which will be held on 7th September.

Let’s discuss about all things that Apple may launch on its event.

New and Powerful iPhone


A leaked picture of upcoming iPhone 7 | source: Letemsvetemapplem

Probably the most notable among all upcoming launches, Apple will launch the newer, more powerful iPhone 7 in the event. Now that release date is near, everyone is making final predictions about new features on Apple’s money printing machine.

You can expect the new iPhone to be a little slimmer and comfortable to hold. The phone will have smaller bezels and almost un-noticeable camera bump on the back. Apple’s new mobile chip A10 will be providing the iPhone a bit better performance than older versions. Among the others, the biggest changes could be removal of 3.5 MM audio Jack, which may be replaced by a second speaker. If the 3.5 MM port is removed, you will have to buy adaptors to use your old headphones on iPhone 7.

Apart from that, iPhone may will have a dual camera system, which should result in better zooming and clearer photos. iPhone 7 may also have Optical Image Stabilization, a feature that was only available for the Plus version of its predecessor. Also, there is a good chance that Apple will kill off the 16 GB version of iPhone (should have done that earlier…) making 32 GB GB the base variant of phone.

Will Apple launch a Plus version of Phone?

Sure, there is not clear reason for Apple to kill off the Phablet size version of its Smartphone. The strategy of making iPhone’s available in two different sizes has worked well in recent years and the many users like the bigger versions more because of its better battery life and spacious screen.

Last year’s iPhone 6s Plus had better camera and more storage that the smaller 6s, there is a good chance that this year, specs of both variants will be same, except for battery life.

Possibly new iPads

Although, there are next to none rumors about new iPads, it is possible that Apple may release new iPads on the same event. Last year, the company did some with the predecessor, when it announced new iPads with iPhone 6s.

New iPads may replace Apple’s A9X processors with something recent and faster. It will be interesting to see it new iPads are called “Pro” or not considering it has been quite some time since 12″ iPad Pro was released.

iOS 10

Even if you are not planning to upgrade to new iPhone 7, Apple might be releasing something that is important for you: an improved OS for your old iPhone.

iOS 10 will finally let you remove pre-installed apps that you don’t care for. Also, new OS will ship with overhauled versions of Home, Music, News and Messages Apps. Apple is adding new features on the lock screen which will make it functionally more like a secondary Home screen.

The iOS 10 is currently in beta, meaning you can install it on your iPhone or iPad, but it may have some bugs and performance issues. It is likely that Apple will make the iOS 10 available for general users on the event.

Although it is not yet confirmed, watchOS 3, tvOS 10 and macOS Sierra may also be discussed on the event. These OSes were announced in WWDC and these are currently not available for general public.

What do you think about the upcoming iPhone 7 and iOS? Will you be upgrading or will you stick with your older phone? share with others in the comments below.