These Are The 5 Best Video Players for Windows 10

best video player for windows 10

Yesterday evening, I received a mail from a Getting Geek reader Chris. He wrote:

Hi Getting Geek team,
I have been using Windows 10 for almost 4 months now,
I like many new features including new start menu and virtual desktop. 
But, I don't like the default video player in Windows 10. 
It is speedy enough, but, sometimes, It wont play a video file.
It also does not stay on top of my desktop. 
I have been looking for Best Video Player for Windows 10 for a while.
Almost all options on Windows Store are useless.
What do you think is the best Video Player for Windows 10 ?


Well, Chris, The problems you said about the default video player in Windows 10 are legit. The app is new, so I can understand that it can lack some advanced features, but still it feels lame compared to other video players for Windows.

Movies and TV app is just lame

Microsoft introduced new Music Player called Groove, and a new Video Player called Movies and TV in Windows 10. Groove Music is also a limited option for audiophiles and it is too limited for PowerUsers.
Movies and TV app is also not any different than the Groove Music regarding feature set. The app is somewhat limited to playing a few video formats; there is no always on top functionality, and it will pause playing if you minimize the App.
It is essentially just a new way for Microsoft to make money by selling Videos and Movies.
Anyone coming from Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center (Both of which were made by Microsoft) may feel that Microsoft could do some more with the Movies and TV app. It doesn’t even have support for external subtitle files.
But worry not, there are other options for you.
Microsoft may have made an underpowered Video Player for Windows 10, but don’t worry, you can replace it in just a couple of minutes with a powerful and feature rich alternative. Here are some of the best Video Player for Windows 10.

VLC Media Player

Windows Media Center alternatives -VLC SkinnedVLC Media Player with MetroX skin

Probably the best Video Player in The world, VLC can play almost all media formats in the universe. Created by VideoLAN, VLC has been favorite media player of power users for years; the app has great support for Subtitles, equalizer, media controls and media formats.
If you need any feature that is not currently built in the player, you may find a plugin for the task.
VLC is open source too, and it is available in two ways, the first one is the traditional version, it runs as a desktop software, and the another one is the UWP App, which is available in Windows Store.
While both versions have some similarity, I would recommend you to download the traditional version as it has more features.

Download VLC 

The KM Player

KM Player

KM Player

Often called KMP, The KM Player is very similar to VLC in some ways, it is feature packed media player that supports almost all major media formats.
The Default UI looks a bit better than VLC Media Player; The App also has good support for audio tuning and Subtitles. Other features include a simple video and audio capture system, ability to toggle always on top mode quickly and full skinning support.
KM Player is completely free, and it is also available for Google Android.

Download KMPlayer

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is also called MPC-HC sometimes, it is very similar in look and feel with VideoLAN’s offering.

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic

MPC is free to use, and it also has support for almost all media files that you can imagine. The UI looks a bit dated, and that is perhaps the only downside. Media Player Classic is quite lightweight on PC resources and hence, it won’t bog down the performance of your computer too much.

Download Media Player Classic


Enough about simple Video Players already, let’s talk about other cool options. Plex is a home media server. After installing and configuring it, Plex can stream movies stored on your PC to any other Plex-enabled devices in your home.

best video player for windows 10 - plex

Plex looks good and works surprisingly well

But why am I mentioning it in my Best Video Player for Windows 10 list? Because it does that beautifully. Once you have done scanning of all media files, Plex can automatically pull trailers and actor info along with plot from IMDB. The features list doesn’t end here; Plex can run within a web browser, so you won’t have to install the player on all Windows 10 devices. Just a Chrome (or any other) browser is enough. The Player looks excellent and media sorting is great.
And did I mention that Plex server is free?

Download Plex

Windows Media Player

Although Microsoft is no longer interested in adding new features to WMP, it still is included in all Windows 10 PCs. It is probably the best video player for Windows 10 because even when of being so feature packed, it doesn’t slow down at any point, it has one of the best library management capabilities available, and it can easily be used to sync music and video from tons of devices.

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

Auto playlists and automated rating are probably the best features in WMP.


In conclusion, the following are the best Video Players for Windows 10:

  • VLC Media Player
  • The KM Player
  • Media Player Classic
  • Plex
  • Windows Media Player

Which one do you prefer

among all the other options available, what do you think is the best Video Player for Windows 10 ? share with others in the comments below.