Searching For Best Operating System in 2015? Perhaps Now That Doesn’t Matter

best operating system in 2015

Still thinking about the Best Operating system in 2015? Maybe you don’t need to think about that anymore. All are good to live with.

Microsoft is saying that Windows 10 is the best operating system ever made by them. Perhaps they are right. Windows 10 has a lot new and unique. So says Apple with every release of its Mac OS X. Linux users also say that Linux is best because it is customizable. So which party is lieing through their teeth? What really is the best operating system? And when will the hunt for that finish? Maybe one of these is better than all the competitors on show, still it is 2015, and Operating Systems have evolved. Now we do not have to worry about stability or reliability. We now need to think about User Experience (at least for normal users)


Unless you are a networking Professional or Computer administrator of some big corporation, you now don’t have to think about the best OS around.

OS maybe different, Web is always the same

Yes, operating systems maybe a lot different in terms of usability and appearance. Apple has close buttons on the Left side of title bar and Windows has it on the right side, still Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (Two most used cross platform Web browsers) will function as the same. Most of us spend most of our time under tabs of a web browser. Starting from the Office suite to media conversion all of that can be done online. Add-ons for Chrome and FireFox are also don’t rely on the operating system version.
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Look on Chrome OS, the bare bone OS that technically is a web browser, still it has a lot potential, web is now more powerful and so are Web apps. Google Docs (and also office Web apps) work under a web browser. They do not depend on the operating system, and that is perfectly good. Because it gives the users a common simplicity.

Performance is not an issue anymore

Still do you find performance an issue? I don’t think so. Gone are the days where we had 64MB ram and a 200 MHz processor. Now we are rocking quad core processors and many Gigs of RAM. Granted that Windows 8 is a bit faster than Windows 7 and Windows 10 is faster than both, still I find Windows 7 is sufficiently fast for everyday use, no OS has a magic stick that can give your Hardware wings. The same applies for Ubuntu and Mac OS X, all recent versions have acceptable performance. All of them are stable enough and all are updated for security and performance improvement regularly.

best operating system in 2015

Once ugly Linux is not like that now | Kubuntu 14.04 Image Source: Wikimedia

We don’t really use OS, we use software

Windows comes with a word processor called WordPad, an image editor called Paint, and a web browser called Internet Explorer, still I am typing this on Microsoft Word, I use Adobe Photoshop for Image editing and Mozilla Firefox as web browser, I can bet that most of us don’t use bundled programs.

For most of the part, we use third party software such as Kodi, avast, VLC and so on, that doesn’t matter that whether it is Windows 7 or Windows 10, they work the same way. Essentially for a lot of normal users, Operating system is just a launcher to open installed software and apps.

best operating system in 2015

Office is the software people use.

All the choices are good enough

We have choices when it comes to OS selection, there is GNU Linux, Mac OS X and also the world dominator Windows. The good thing is that no one is painful(OK, for me I exclude Windows 8 for now) All are stable enough, all are fast enough and all have a good to better software library. Startup time and shutdown time is now not bad and now software is not the bottle neck for performance. Pick any one and you can live a happy computing life.

Should you switch or stay?

Have you mastered your OS? If yes, it will be good that you stick with it. Suppose you are a Seasoned Windows User and you are lured by Mac OS X and you decide to switch, it can either be annoying or interesting, there is one thing for sure, you will again have to learn that OS and it will take some time.

If you are a windows user, moving to mac or Linux, won’t really make any better difference for common tasks. Stick with what you already know because programs on all OS are the same.