Which Programming Languages Should You Learn in 2015

What Code Should You Learn

Programming Languages matter a lot for Computer Science students, IT professionals and for developers. Though programming works in an almost same concept for the most part, there are a lots of programming languages in Market to choose from. Each having its own strengths and own weaknesses. In programming industry the salary for a programmer varies for one language to another. Here we are with an inforgraphic which will –I hope– guide you choosing a programming language to learn.

Getting to Some Conclusions we get to know that Python is the easiest to learn and C++ is the most powerful programming language.

If you are interested in developing mobile apps you should learn objective C and Java, the former is for iPhone apps and the latter is good for Android App development.

Learning Programming Languages For Free

Coaching institutes charge a lot to teach you programming language and you are not always free to choose the programming language of your choice in college as college will stick to its syllabus. Here are some websites where you can learn programming for free.


Which Programming Languages Should You Learn in 2015

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