These Are The 4 Easiest Ways To Do a Reverse Song Search

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If you find yourself wondering what great song is playing in the background in a pub or restaurant, this is the URL you should be at. In some cases, searching on Google for just a couple of sentences from the songs may do the trick, but what should you do if you are listening to a track that does not have lyrics? or when the song is in a language that you don’t understand? well, there are some great apps and services that detect the music playing in the background. Let’s talk about some of the easiest ways that you can use to perform a reverse song search.

Ask Google Assistant And Cortana

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For most Android and Windows Users, you don’t need any additional app to do a reverse song search, just ask Google Assistant or Cortana “What song is it” and it should be able to listen for a few seconds and come up with a list of possible tracks. To do this, simply open Google app on your phone or click on the Cortana icon on the taskbar and then press the microphone icon on the screen. The simply say “what music is this” or ” what is this songs name” and you should be good to go.

It may not work in all countries though (In India, Google Assistant refuses to work) but you should give it a try if you already have an Android Phone or Windows PC.

Use Shazam Lite

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Using Shazam Lite for Reverse Song Search

Shazam is one of the most popular apps to do reverse song search. It has one of the best databases and it works fairly well. While Shazam’s standard app works well on Android and iOS, it may feel bloated if don’t need anything more than some music identification. Shazam Lite can get the job done for you with a smooth and simple interface, the app will also keep a small history of recently scanned apps so that you can recall the name even after a few days.

MusicX Match

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MusicXMatch on Android

MusicX Match is one of the most popular music players available for Android. While it does a decent job at creating, playing and managing playlists, MusicX Match is also one of the best apps to do a reverse song search and find the lyrics of the track currently being played. The app is free to use and it works well for most cases. If you are a person who keeps music offline on his phone, the app may be a better choice as it is good at music identification and music playing both.


Just like MusicX Match, Soundhound prides itself in being a good music identification and music playing app. The app is available on all important platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows UWP and even BlackBerry World. Major features of the app include reverse song search, music player and top charts and music discovery personalized for individual users. After you have searched for a song successfully, the app can show you lyrics, name and a YouTube Music Video if you want.

If All of the above fails…

If none of the apps find the song and you are desperate to know the track name, try r/tipofmytongue on Reddit. Head to the site, (if you are not a redditor, you will have to sign-up.) Then you can ask the community about the song by describing the details. The community is quite large and someone there should be able to help you with the search. r/namethatsong is a good place to search for the track name too.

Do you know of any other way of doing reverse song search?

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