Twitch Will Be Ad-Free if You Are an Amazon Prime Member

twitch prime

Twitch, the game streaming site that every teen knows about, is going to  be ad-free for anyone who pays for Amazon Prime alongside with that, the new user tier will also include some other perks.

Twitch is currently owned by Amazon and today’s announcement from the company sheds some light on new perks of being a Prime Subscriber. The service will be -not surprisingly- called Twitch Prime and alongside with providing ad-free viewing, it will also offer games on discount prices and “game loot” for its members.

Game Loot will give users new characters, vehicles another in-game stuff for users. Also, Twitch Prime will give you a free channel subscription every month. It is not yet clear if you can keep the channel subscription for free or not.

Combining it with 2-day shipping and Amazon’s video and music libraries, the cost of $99 a year doesn’t sound too much.

Unlike other services such as Prime Video, you can’t directly subscribe to Twitch Prime standalone, instead, you are asked to sign up for Amazon Prime. The first month is free and then you will have to pay $10.99 per month.

Twitch has a deep impact on Gaming Industry and with the Twitch Prime, Amazon seems very confident that the impact of Twitch will help make the e-commerce giant more money.