You Can Now Install YouTube’s Offline Focused App ‘YouTube Go’

2017 02 09 17h59 08

YouTube is already available on iOS and Android platform via its official app. While the app works just as expected on high-end devices, Google has been working hard at making India’s data saving centric audience attracted to the online video streaming website.

In its effort, Google has already added an offline saving feature to the official app and order to cater to more people in emerging markets; YouTube Go was previewed back in September in last year.

2017 02 09 17h59 08

Built primarily for Indian users, YouTube Go is a lot focused on dealing with data limits and offline playback. The app has added options to let users share offline videos with others via Bluetooth and preview videos without using data.

Starting today, you can install YouTube Go from Play Store to your Android phones. It is in unreleased status which means there may be some bugs, but during my usage, I did not face any hiccups.

The app is just 8.5 MB and it supports some older versions of Android too: as old as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Some people may suggest that anyone can download the APK file and install it, but it won’t work if you are outside of India.

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