Apple’s New ‘Spaceship’ Campus Will Have iPhone-inspired Toilets

2017 02 09 08h58 29

Apple has been working on its new spaceship campus for some years, while almost everyone will expect Apple’s new headquarters to be a thing of beauty, not everyone would think about how toilets will be designed if Apple was to make an office.

The iThrone (not it’s actual name, obviously) is the zenith of design advancement. It has sleek lines that pave the way to stunning storage capacity, and at the same time, it remains consistent to the main central control piece of all iThings — the home button.

As per Reuters ” The elevator buttons struck some workers as resembling the iPhone’s home button; one former manager even likened the toilet’s sleek design to the device.” How could anyone not? Apple has been consistent in producing new, unique and out of the world product and has not failed this time too with its innovative product.

However, these new and innovative design decisions are the cause of headaches in the Apple campus. Reports say that Apples picky attitude with the design of all the things are delaying the opening of the campus. The opening was originally scheduled for 2015.

We are expectant to hear from Apple what it feels like to have achieved the highest level of designing in toilets and maybe get some photos of the most talked about toilet in the world.