Windows 10 is Getting A Floating Video Player Mode

2017 02 10 09h52 14

Managing open Windows on PC has never been easier before, but when it comes to Windows that should stay on top so that you can glance at them when working on other apps, there has been a lot left to be desired.

Well, Microsoft is fixing some of that, at least.

The latest insider build of Windows 10 (it has a build number of 15031) includes a new compact overlay tool that any developer can use. This tool will let you always have an on top floating video Windows just like MacOS, iOS and in some cases, Android tablets.

2017 02 10 09h52 14

There are already third party solutions to the problem, VLC has an Always On Top Mode, so does Microsoft’s own Windows Media Player and some other popular media players, but it is great that Microsoft is adding first party support considering third-party solutions are not always bug-free.

Microsoft said that it will be included in the new Movies & TV app and the Skype video chat client in upcoming weeks. Let’s just hope that edge is on the support list too as watching YouTube videos when working on spreadsheets will be cool.

2017 02 10 09h52 35

Apart from the picture to picture mode, Microsoft is also adding a new feature called Dynamic lock which will introduce the ability to automatically lock your computer when a Bluetooth connected device goes out of range. So, if you get a call on your workplace and you had to go outside for a moment, the PC will lock automatically, and your coworkers won’t be able to see how bad you are at writing those fan fictions.

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