Apple is Preparing To Manufacture iPhones in India

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India has been one of the biggest software manufacturer countries for many years, but it has not been able to compete with China or US in hardware manufacturing.

It looks like things may get better soon, Apple is reportedly preparing to manufacture iPhone in the country soon.

Indian IT Minister Priyank Kharge’s deleted tweets were spotted by BuzzFeed News today. These tweets claim that the Cupertino company is preparing to begin iPhone manufacturing in the Banglore state of India.

The two tweets by Minister read:

Glad to announce initial manufacturing operations of the world’s most valued company: Apple, in Karnataka. Another validation for Karnataka.

Apple’s intentions to make iPhones in Bengaluru will foster cutting-edge technology ecosystem & supply chain development in the state.

Apple did not release any statement about the IT minister’s claims, but considering Apple CEO Tim Cook has already visited India, the possibility of the company establishing some plants in India is quite high. WSJ has also reported in past that company is in talks with Indian Government about doing some manufacturing in India.

India has proven to be a profitable market for the company in recent years. Also, the Indian government passed some rules in 2016 which remove any restriction on opening a flagship store in India by Apple or other IT companies.

If Apple manufactures iPhones in India, users in the country should see a significant price drop (currently, iPhones in India cost a lot more compared to the US) and hence the company will have a better chance at beating Android Flagship markets in the country.

What do you think about Apple’s plans? If you live in India, would you switch to an iPhone if it were a bit cheaper? Share with us in the comments below.

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