Chrome For Android Will Soon Let You Pin Websites To The App Drawer

2017 02 03 09h25 55

Google be releasing a Chrome Update for Beta users in upcoming weeks that will let you pin certain websites directly to your app drawer, just like any app appear when you install them from Play Store.

Chrome has supported creating shortcuts to websites on Home Screen since 2015, but because they appear only on home screen and not on App drawer, they have been confusing for many users. Especially for folks who have a habit of launching stuff from App drawer and keeping the home screen clean.

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Bear in mind that not all websites can be pinned to the app drawer, it will only work for sites that Google qualifies as Progressive Web Apps. These sites will also be able to send you notifications similar to standard apps when pinned.

Apart from pinning sites, Chrome’s 56th version update will also make downloading stuff to phone easier. While these additions to Chrome are not groundbreaking, they sure make Chrome for Android better to use.

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