How to run Windows 1.01 In a Web Browser

Windows 1.01 run

Ever wondered how actually the first Windows looked and worked? if yes, you are not alone. Folks at have made a fully featured emulator that runs under a web browser and it lets you use a copy of Windows 1.01 .

Microsoft released Windows 1 back on 20th November 1985, It was the first Windows operating system. Actually it was not a so huge success, but it was the foundation of Windows 3.1 which lead company to massive success.

Microsoft does not provide download of discontinued OS releases and because of that finding and installing these classic software in really tough.

Emulator at is available in two hardware configurations, the first one is monochrome IBM PC with 256 KB of RAM and it runs at a stock speed of 4.77MHz.  Whereas the other one is an IBM PC XT with 640KB or RAM and 10 MB Hard Disk.

After running them for a while you will thank Microsoft (Even if you are running Windows ME. Bad joke, I know) The emulators perform just like the original IBM PC did back in Windows 1.01 Era.

run windows 1.01

Looks old, Right?

You can also mount any disk image on these emulators to run any old software.

Don’t search for a web browser in that things because, internet was just a kid¬†and Microsoft did not need to create a web browser at that time.

Windows 1.01 Emulators:

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