Sideplayer lets you play YouTube Video as a Popup on screen

You need to do some work but you can’t help yourself watching a YouTube video? Sideplayer lets you do both in a neat way.

Sideplayer is a Chrome extension that works with YouTube. After you install the extension from Google Chrome Apps store, you will see Sideplayer button on your browser next to address bar.

You have two ways to open a video in Sideplayer, the first one is to Click on the icon in toolbar and paste the address of YouTube video. The other way is by clicking the Sideplayer button in below the YouTube video.



Video pops up on the right side of the screen by default. However, you can resize it, drag it and use common play controls. Popup stays on top and you are free to switch tabs on your browser. However, if you switch window. you will loose focus on video.

The plugin will definitely come in handy when you are chatting with your friends or doing some work online and you also want to watch a YouTube video.

The extensions is currently only available for Google Chrome. If you are using it on a Blink engine based web browser you can install it. I tried it on Yandex.Browser and Opera, it worked as expected.

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