How To Get Medium’s Best Feature For All Websites

know reading time of article

In case you are not familiar with Medium, it is a social platform where anyone can publish any text or written article. Anyone with an account can write and publish his/her thoughts and once published, medium does a great job of categorizing it and making a good post reach thousands of readers on the site.
Medium is completely free and the simplicity and minimalism are one of the biggest reasons to keep users hocked.
But probably the best feature of Medium is that it tells you how much time will you need in reading the article. Medium processes it with its algorithms and in my experience, it is accurate -for an average reader at least.
Folks at readism have created something that brings this great feature for most websites.
The service works with both – the website and an Google Chrome extension.

Using the site is pretty simple, enter the URL or name of book on the text box and you will be good to go.

However, the magic happens with its extension, Once you have installed the chrome extension, you will be able to see how much time will you need in reading any article or a book. You wont even have to do any sign-up to use the extension and it is free to use for everyone.

know reading time of article
The default reading timings are based on average timings, however, if you are want more accurate timings, you can sign-up via a Google Account. After doing it, the site will ask you to read a few paragraphs and then you should be good to go.
In today’s life, every second matters and if you spend a lot of time on blogs or news sites, readism may be a big improvement.

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